· Service, Expediency, and Value from a firm you can trust
· Complete Foreclosure Services
· Bankruptcy Relief
· Evictions
· Deeds in Lieu
· Loss Mitigation / Workout / Forebearance / Loan Modifications
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Service, Expediency, and Value from a firm you can trust

Selecting the right firm to act on your behalf as a Trustee in a foreclosure is a critical decision. Our associates are your first line of defense in default process. Time is of the essence. We move quickly to begin the process after careful analysis and detailed dialogue with you. We keep you in the loop every step of the way and consult with you when decisions need to be made. Our firm keeps the case on track to the best of our ability while staying focused on our guiding principles of Service, Value, and Integrity.

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Complete Foreclosure Services

We provide initial analysis of each new case immediately so that our clients know where they stand. Our goal is to isolate the variables and provide an opinion with 24 hours of the available remedies. We offer foreclosure solutions on almost any type of real property:

· Commercial
· Conventional
· Multiple Deeds of Trust
· Blanket Trust Deeds
· Private Investor Deeds of Trust
· All Inclusive Trust Deeds
· Mixed Collateral
· Land Contracts
· Bail Bonds

You can rely on our experience and diligence to protect your institution from the changing multi-state lending landscape. You can rest assured that our associatesí research includes up to the minute case analysis of statutory code before we proceed forward.

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Bankruptcy Relief

We have in house legal counsel available to assist your institution with immediate bankruptcy relief. Our Trustee Sales Officers are able to identify the warning signs of fraudulent bankruptcy filings and alert our clients to the possible remedies. Upon your instruction and where applicable, we will provide bankruptcy relief, support, referral or simply refer the case back to your legal counsel. Nonetheless, we will do our best to keep your case timeline on track and let you make the call if a postponement is necessary. We realize that time is of the essence, especially in a declining real estate environment.



After a trustee's sale, you may be faced with the problem of removing the occupants from the property. American Default Management Corporation is there for you with our in-house eviction services to assist you in instituting and executing the eviction process. After managing hundreds of units for institutions, private investors and our own portfolio, you can bet we know how to move and groove quickly and efficiently.

There are ways to move through the process to avoid delay tactics and pitfalls (including rent control). Best of all, we do it on a flat fee basis so you don't get caught up in run away hourly billing.


Deeds in Lieu

The decision to accept a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure may save time or complicate the case. Lenders and beneficiaries should consider all options carefully before moving forward. Non-judicial foreclosure is a clean action and sometimes recommended over a Deed in Lieu. Our experts can examine the title and provide you with the proper documentation including a title policy and estoppel affidavit.

Sometimes it makes more sense to complete a non-judicial foreclosure instead of accepting a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure. CONTACT US for a consultation to analyze all options.


Loss Mitigation / Workout / Forebearance / Loan Modifications

Our staff is available to meet any sub-servicing needs. We will follow your direction and act upon any feasible alternatives that may save your institution money in the long run. Sometimes you might instruct us to negotiate with a borrower to find a better resolution to foreclosure. This may prove more beneficial to both the lenders and borrowers. Of course we will never act independently or offer any of these alternatives without your approval.

Our staff can assist with:

· Workouts
· Forbearance Agreements
· Loan Modifications
· Notes + Deeds


Additional Services

· After Sale Conveyances and Claims
· Reconveyances
· Partial Releases
· Legal Network
· Receiverships
· Outsourcing
· National Referral
· Expert Witness Services
· REO Services & Sales