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Customer centricity
We are a Customer-centric default management company. Our focus is to provide your institution with the level of service and degree of commitment and trust that you expect from your own associates.

Senior executives of American Default Management review customer experience data comprehensively to manage cross-channel exposure and interaction. Each department head manages and optimizes the end-to-end customer experience process. Every employee of American Default Management strives to orchestrate seamless integration of enterprise technology to improve speed while increasing customer satisfaction metrics.

Outsourcing saves time and money
As servicing costs have increased, lenders and mortgage servicers have harnessed the expertise of outsourced service providers to reduce time and expense. American Default Management offers customized solutions to help you achieve this goal. American Default Management coordinates the services through our internal system of Foreclosure Trustees, Attorneys, Vendors, and Agents to provide the best possible solutions for your default servicing needs. This effort ultimately streamlines and simplifies client and vendor workflow processes by eliminating multiple points of contact.

Nationwide Coverage Offers Customizable Solutions
American Default Managementís services are available on a national level and provide you with a single source of contact for all your protection needs. Our firmís suite of services is available to provide various levels of protection so that you can choose the best service option in alignment with your needs. Any and all of these services can be applied to your portfolio to provide various levels of protection and service.

American Default Management has combined our proven business expertise with the latest technologies to provide an enterprise-wide, customer-centric default management solution. Employees and agents utilize advanced workflow features designed for high-volume processing and scalability to provide the agility, flexibility and customer focus necessary in todayís rapidly changing environment.

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